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MedTech Sout East, Nov. 10, 2015

Last night Martin went to the final of Medtech South East, a MedCity and Design Council competition. 14 innovative products and services were showcased and each had two minutes to outline their case.

The winners have now entered a 10-week accelerator programme where they will be provided support and guidance to help bring their products to market.

We met some fascinating people and their ideas. We particularly liked Path Finder, Dermaspray and Evolvable Walking Aid Kit.

Unfortunately Plexus was not shortlisted for the accelerator, however we look forward to reading and seeing how the other get on.

Tommy's Prematurity app, Nov. 10, 2015

Tommy's have commissioned us to take the current prematurity OWA and create an iOS and Android version. We are hoping the new app will be available to download in mid-January. The OWA will also get a design refresh and features update.

Plexus, Nov. 3, 2015

Today we launched Plexus, the result of our ODI Summer Showcase at the ODI Summit.

Plexus aims to helps sufferers of mental health conditions understand the accessible support structures around them. We also aim to help them find possible routes back into employment having been signed off, left a previous job or looking for their first job.

People with mental illness conditions who have been signed off for extended periods of time can find it difficult and intimidating to get back into employment. Plexus aims to support and guide them through the process, identifying local support and how to access it, giving them information about their employer’s responsibilities and their legal position, as well as showcasing local volunteering opportunities.

Here’s a link to the press release and project story.

Minisite for Green pathways , Oct. 19, 2015

Today saw the launch of the minisite to promote and contextualise the Green Pathways iBeacon app we’ve built for Team London Bridge.

Green Pathways showcases 12 unique green spaces, from riverside parks and community gardens, to historic graveyards and living green walls, within the London Bridge area.

The green areas around London Bridge shed light on its complex culture and history, and on the people and communities shaping its future as it continues to grow and develop.

There are many ways to explore the spaces and we have added connected themes to help you relate to and contextualise them. The three themes are Historical Sites, Garden Designers and Community Gardens - using the overlays on the map will allow you to pick and follow these with ease.

Using beacons and Bluetooth technology you’ll be notified when approaching the spaces and told about their context and history, events that are happening and all the unique aspects of spaces you are close to.

Green Pathways is the first mobile application to use beacons in London Bridge and will be developed upon to enhance both the local community and visitors’ experience of the area.

Each of the green spaces will also show users up-to-the-minute air pollution information being provided by London Air. Many the green spaces will also have custom air pollution monitors stationed at them given further insights into how these spaces can have a positive effect on your health and wellbeing.

The app will be launched in late October alongside the Fresh Air Square competition winning entry from WMB Studio.  

Speking at ODI summit, Oct. 16, 2015

Martin’s been invited to present Plexus at the ODI summit on the 3rd of November at London’s BFI. This coincides with the public launch of our Summer Showcase project Plexus.

We’ve very excited to be able to give this talk and release Plexus to an audience of our data peers, wider audiences and our intended users. Martin will be speaking in the NFT2: Story Theatre at 16.00.

We truly believe Plexus can have a positive impact on many people's lives and hope the future developments we are working on around gamification and user engagement will have a long term positive effect on the UK economy, health services and local communities.

We’ll report back here on how it goes and link to a slideshare of the presentation.

Final beacons placed in London Bridge, Oct. 14, 2015

Today we placed the final beacons in situ around the selected spaces for Green Pathways, locations including Queen Elizabeth Garden, Guy's Memorial Gardens and St John's Churchyard Park. We’ll now be undertaking final testing ready for the app launch in late October alongside the public unveiling of Fresh Air Square.

Project tango and Apple TV, Oct. 8, 2015

We've had some time in the last few days to play with two new bits of kit in the office. Google's Project Tango - and the new Apple TV. Will post any outcome back here.

Phases presentation, Oct. 7, 2015

Yesterday Martin, Chris and Jonny attended the final presentation for Innovate UK VR & AR competition brief. We pitched Phases to a panel of 5 judges from Columbia Records Innovate UK and Industry experts. We should hear next week if we have been selected as the winner out of the four shortlisted ideas. Here’s a link to the slides.

Air pollution sensors, Oct. 5, 2015

Here’s a first look at version two of the monitors we’re producing for Green Pathways - using our designed PCB and upgraded sensors to produce a more accurate and robust device.

We had custom PCB’s created and have found improved sensors, changed the housing and battery power type and integrated the solar panel to make them sustainable. We will post the final design produced back here at the start of November.

Notebook for Forma, Oct. 1, 2015

We have now been commissioned to create a new tool for Arts organisation Forma. Called Notebook, the finished platform will be a showcase for works they commission with their roster of artists.

We’re going to be working on this project for the next 6 weeks and intend to use an immersive UI to give a true sense of the diversity of material around each project and the artists who have created it.

We hope this is the start of an interesting and exciting partnership with Forma.