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WK 2 BGV, Jan. 22, 2016

The week has flown by with a series of workshops and further reflection. We are having to focus on what really matters and is relevant to this current time and place, as well as keeping an eye on further development to make sure we don't create any bottlenecks. 

One of the most important sessions of the week was with Our Path - A fantastic start up within the BGV portfolio who are helping people who may be affected by diabetes in their future lives make changes and choices to prevent this being the case. Something they said about targeting customers and clients who are yet to be affected by the disease made a lot of sense, and this could well have a bearing on how to target and develop Plexus and Centred moving forwards.

After a conversation with Matt Webb during the mentor speed dating, we decided to take his advice and test something using SMS.

Sam and Martin worked up an SMS system of four questions asked over six days using the Five Ways to Wellbeing research. We will be testing this with 20 lucky people from Monday the 25th. After the first trials, we shall be looking to refine and augment the system to allow for improved user record-making.

We are hopeful this concept will be the basis of the app and software which will form the key revenue structures behind Plexus and Centered.


Week 1 BGV, Jan. 18, 2016


So week one of BGV accelerator finished on Friday at 6ish. Having had a few days to reflect on this a few key moments and milestones have been fixed in my mind.

1. Service Design with Jennie Winhall was an amazing day giving us a chance to see the full overview of how Centered may work and its customers, users and partners. It also showed where our holes and gaps currently are and where new opportunities may lie.

2. Meeting 30 mentors in 19 speed-date sessions over 180 mins

3. Meeting eight other teams, all of whom are trying to make the UK and the world a safer and more self-determined, happy and healthy place.

I have to say the process was more intense than I expected and challenging in so many different ways. It was almost the perfect way to start this journey with Plexus and to understand the distance we have to travel to bring something worthwhile and positive to our potential users and customers.

The other teams (which you can read about here) are fantastic and very much remind me of the Nesta Pioneer program I was part of in 2004/5. Each person is honest, very creative, passionate and wants to help you succeed or back you up - without being afraid to see the problems or issues you've not seen or assumed would be clear.

Push Notifications , Jan. 5, 2016

Today we've added push notifications for all of our diary posts using Chrome's notification setting - LINK. We think this tech has many possibilities within sites from launching new products and events to being kept abreast of new content being produced by your favourite blogs and news outlets.

Plexus Accepted to BGV W16, Dec. 9, 2015

Today it was announced that Plexus has been accepted on to the Bethnal Green Ventures accelerator programme for winter 2016. The 12-week programme will run from the 11th January until the 1st April 2016.

We are beyond excited to become part of the new cohort and can not wait to start work on developing the second phase of Plexus 'centred' and look at how we can get Plexus to a broad range of people and business to help support people's work life balance.

Air monitor testing, Dec. 9, 2015

Today marks the end of the first week of remote testing for the Green Pathways Air Pollution Monitors. Last Thursday we place the first of 5 monitors within the Melior Street Community Garden. The results look promising so far, and we'll be sending these over to our friends at London Air for them to run some additional analytics to see how our device relates to theirs monitors and data within the area.  

Forma Notebook Lauched, Dec. 3, 2015

We recently finished a piece of work for Forma. This new platform 'Notebooks' will allow them to showcase a range of recent project. It uses a horizontal and vertical navigation method to enable them to show a full and more diverse range of content, including written, image video and audio.

Working with Forma on Notebooks has been great fun, and we look forward to the next piece of digital work we'll undertake together.

View the site here 

Second gen pollution monitors , Nov. 27, 2015

We've now completed the build of the five monitors these will be placed in location early next year. We've had them recording data from around the studio and our homes, and they are now ready for the first Green Pathways environment placements.

They now use solar panels to recharge the battery and users of the Green pathways app will push back data to our server whenever making a connection with the associated iBeacons. We have upgraded the sensors to be more accurate and detailed. We've had custom PCB's made and are using an Arduino to manage the whole system.

Fresh Air Square , Nov. 20, 2015

This morning we were at the launch of the Fresh Air Square winner’s parklet, now situated on Tooley Street. Our Greenpathway app has one of the 14 beacons located on the parklet.

This parklet has a state of the art pollution sensor from London Air and we will be marrying this data and with our 5 prototype monitors situated across five the other spaces. We are very excited to see how this increase in access to hyperlocal pollution data will affect people walking on routes around the area.

MedTech Sout East, Nov. 10, 2015

Last night Martin went to the final of Medtech South East, a MedCity and Design Council competition. 14 innovative products and services were showcased and each had two minutes to outline their case.

The winners have now entered a 10-week accelerator programme where they will be provided support and guidance to help bring their products to market.

We met some fascinating people and their ideas. We particularly liked Path Finder, Dermaspray and Evolvable Walking Aid Kit.

Unfortunately Plexus was not shortlisted for the accelerator, however we look forward to reading and seeing how the other get on.

Tommy's Prematurity app, Nov. 10, 2015

Tommy's have commissioned us to take the current prematurity OWA and create an iOS and Android version. We are hoping the new app will be available to download in mid-January. The OWA will also get a design refresh and features update.